Five Favorite Things About Typeform

If you need to collect information online for things like surveys, event registrations or market research, put Typeform on your list of platforms to check out.

Typeform is free

My first favorite thing about Typeform is their free version. The free version gets you several options for the types of questions you can ask, though you are limited to 10 questions in each form and you're limited to 100 responses per month. So if you're looking for a way to ask dozens of questions or if you need to collect information from hundreds or thousands of people, check out the Typeform Pro versions for more choices.

Engaging forms mean more responses for you

My second favorite thing is that these forms are really fun to fill out. You might not think that typing in responses to questions could be fun, but I'm not kidding you, they're a real pleasure to use. (Don’t believe me? Click here to see a sample form.) The people at Typeform have done a lot of research into the psychology of forms, how humans interact with them and what keeps people motivated to complete a form. I'm not sure that I'd want to do that research myself, but I'm glad there's someone out there doing it.

You might be thinking, “Okay, it's nice that the forms are fun to use but what does that have to do with my business?”

The key difference with Typeform is that they've done the research to make their forms engaging so that more people will complete the forms, which will result in a higher response rate. That can translate to more sales, donations or information for your organization. This is seriously powerful. You can spend all the time in the world creating the most fascinating survey questions, but if people aren't completing your survey, there's no value in it for you.

Form customization is easy

My third favorite thing about Typeform is that you can customize each form as needed. You can change things like colors, add graphics or images and make each form fit into your brand standards, so it's consistent with your organization's look and feel.

Simple ways to embed your forms

Next, Typeform makes it simple to display your forms on different marketing channels. If you go under the share tab you'll see options to share a link and embed the form into your website or even create a form for email.

Clear response results and reporting

My fifth favorite thing about Typeform is that you can view your results several ways. You have the option of getting an email every time someone fills out your form, which is great if you're not expecting that many responses.

You can also generate a report with all of the responses collected in one place or you can just view the responses online. You also have the added benefit of seeing how people filled out your form, whether it was on their laptop, smartphone, a tablet or some other device

There you have it: My five favorite things about Typeform. If you want to see just how fun their forms are, head to for a sample form I made.

Watch the full video above for a bonus how-to at the end where I show you how to get started creating your own form in Typeform.