Five Favorite Things About Canva is a free online graphical editing platform where you can create all kinds of content like social media graphics brochures flyers email headers or really, anything you want. 

Who is Canva for?

Canva is best for people who either don't have any of the software in Adobe’s Creative Cloud or people who are working with people who don't have Creative Cloud and you need to share graphics back and forth for easy editing or reviewing. Even if you do have Creative Cloud and you just want to try out their layouts, that's totally fine too.

There’s a free version

My first favorite thing about Canva is that it's free, which is way better than not free. You can get a paid account but you really get a lot with the free version. They have all kinds of free photography, graphics, typography and many, many other elements that you can use in your layouts. 

You’ll love Canva’s templates

My second favorite thing about Canva is that it has a good variety of templates to use. They have ready-to-go layouts already set to the right size for common projects like Facebook posts, Facebook profile photos, Instagram posts and on and on. And the layouts are really easy to tweak or customize completely depending on what you need.

Let's say you need to make a Facebook post and you can't remember what the latest dimensions are for a Facebook post photo. Canva has you covered with their up-to-date templates. 

Canva layouts are eye-catching

My third favorite thing about Canva is that its designs are really modern. It's not like back in the day when you opened up the MS Paint program and the graphics were not super awesome. Canva has really cool and well-designed layouts to use, which you can tweak as you need. You can easily match your particular brand or style guidelines.

Sharing is easy

Fourth, I love that you can share your Canva designs with anyone with an email address. If I need to get a client's feedback or if they need to add text to a particular layout, I can just send them a link and they can start editing as long as they have a Canva account.

It's really easy to share graphics with your clients or co-workers, who can quickly make changes and then send the file back to you. It's a really fast way to work. 

Canva is mobile-friendly

My last favorite thing is that you can access Canva from all of your devices. They have an app for your tablet and your phone or you can just go to their website on a desktop computer and make changes to your designs. It's a convenient way to work and their user interface is very simple to use. 

There you have it: my five favorite things about Canva. Let me know in the comments below if you have any questions and watch my full review above to get a BONUS how-to!