In my 15+ years as a graphic designer, there have been quite a few changes in web development. I've hand coded a few dozen websites and worked with designers and coders to create elegant, CMS-based sites for all types of users.

MSU What It Takes Campaign Site

For the public launch of Montana State University's first-ever comprehensive fundraising campaign, I coordinated and managed the design and implementation of the Campaign website, shown here, and the complimentary redesign of the MSU Alumni Foundation's website, shown below. These websites are hosted through separate content management systems and after going live, were the responsibility of my team at the Alumni Foundation.

I worked with several designers and engineers from two different vendors to ensure that all deadlines were met and that navigation and structure upheld the goals of the organization and the university.

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MSU Alumni Foundation

The redesign of the MSU Alumni Foundation website coincided with the development of MSU's comprehensive campaign website above. The goals of the redesign were to maintain the current key functions of the website (allow users to make a gift to the university and join the MSU Alumni Association) while providing easy access to the campaign website.

I managed the redesign project from start to finish, preparing presentations for our leadership team at each stage, collecting feedback and communicating changes to the two vendors who built the site.

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PilotLight Consulting

Built in Squarespace, the Pilot Light Consulting website features bold text and stunning imagery to capture this client's modern style and varied portfolio. I developed extensive custom CSS to ensure the feel of the site matched my client's aesthetic.

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Andrew Weathers Memorial Foundation

It was such an honor to develop this website redesign for the Andrew Weathers Memorial Foundation, who work to bring Gold Star Families to Arlington National Cemetery. Built in Squarespace, this site has a clean feel that's designed to put emphasis on text and images.

Users can nominate loved ones, shop in the AWMF store, read the organization's blog or support the foundation.

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