Dry Hills Distillery // Bloody Mary How-To

Who doesn't love learning new ways to make a Bloody Mary? I shot and edited this how-to video for the Dry Hills Distillery Facebook page and Instagram account and it ended up being one of the most-watched videos for both platforms.

Dry Hills Distillery // Gin Mule

This process video features one of my client's most talented bartenders, who was happy to be on camera. I shot and edited this piece so it would translate easily to both Facebook’s horizontal format and Instagram’s square layout.

Dry Hills Distillery // Whiskey Gift Basket

Holidays are big business for all retailers, so I created a series of videos to show customers what exactly goes into the Dry Hills Distillery gift baskets. My client reported that several customers came in to make purchases after watching these videos.


Garage Band Theory // Inspirational Quote

Using Photoshop, I created an eye-catching video format for an inspirational quote that's used in my client's Garage Band Theory book. I shared it on the Garage Band Theory Instagram and Facebook accounts and it was well received by my client’s audience. View it on Instagram.


Garage Band Theory // Content + Management

My client Duke Sharp wrote the book Garage Band Theory to teach musicians of all skill levels to play music by ear. To help increase sales, I created content for his existing Facebook page and his new Instagram account. During our two-month contract, sales increased by 8% and his audience grew by 20%.


MSU Alumni Association // Join in June

As part of a membership drive, I developed and created content for a social media ad campaign called Join In June. New members received a unique blue and gold gift, depending on which week they joined. Over 200 new members joined in those four weeks, doubling the team’s initial goal.