How to Change Your Google Business Page Category

Not sure how to change the category of your Google My Business page (also called Google My Business)? I'll show you how to pick the right category and make the change in under four minutes!

Here are the sites I mention in this video:

What is a Google Business Page?


Your Google Business Page is the tile, or separated block of information, that comes up to the right of a Google search on a desktop computer and near the top of the page on a mobile device. If you own (or work for) the business, you can become an admin and add all kinds of information, photos, and details about your business.

It's an eye-catching way to get attention for your business and helps with your local SEO when people are searching for products or services in your area. The category of your business page is important because it's part of what tells Google that you're relevant in search results.

When someone searches “marketing consultant” or “Big Picture Marketing" and they are located in Bozeman, MT they’ll see the tile for my company, shown here. And just above my address, you see “Marketing consultant” as my Google Business category.

When your customers search for your business online, Google takes the business category into account for that search. That means it’s really important for you to select the most relevant category and make sure it matches your services, so people can find you easier.

For example, a bakery might select “bakery” for their category if they sell a variety of baked goods. They wouldn’t select something specific like Wedding Bakery if they don’t actually make products for weddings. Google’s advice is to select your category based on what you are instead of what you have.

How to change your category on Google Business

If you don't think your Google Business category matches what your business is, follow these steps:

  • Log in at

  • Click “Info” on the left

  • Click the pencil icon next to your business category (underneath your business name)

  • In the pop-up window, type in your new category and select the best fit, as suggested by Google

  • Click “Apply”

Not sure which category to use? Or do you need to see some options? Head to this link to review different Google Business categories:

When you get to the page, it looks a little 1997, but it's a great little utility because it has every category that you could possibly choose for your Google Business Page. Type in any category in the search field and see what comes up. If there’s no category associated with your term, you’ll get no results.

Try typing in a business like Bakery or Marketing and look through the results.

Once you've chosen your category, go back into your Google Business Page, click info, the pencil icon to the right of your current category and make that change.

It’s that easy!

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Amy Falcione